Created by FORMANAGEMENT Consulting, the CEOS Club is a business hub as well as a platform for exchange, and shared experiences among the Managers or Executives of businesses in Africa and the Diaspora. The ultimate objective is to provide them with the keys to an efficient management practice.

To address your day-to-day professional challenges, the experts at FORMANAGEMENT Consulting have developed for you ready-to-use synthetic fact sheets that provide you with pragmatic and effective solutions. More than 15 years of expertise in Management and Techniques summarized in a few pages at your disposal.

Designed by FORMANAGEMENT Consulting, the tool TRACE responds to a major need of companies and organizations. It focuses on the identification of the factors that motivate a collaborator, in such a way as to encourage them to be performant and committed in their activities for the development of the company or organization.

Entirely designed by FORMANAGEMENT CONSULTING as a result of several months of research, PROFIL5 is a test for determining the type of behavior that keeps you out of control of your time. Our objective, with this test, is not to perform a psychological analysis, but rather to provide you with the tools that can enable you to better handle your time and your priorities.

ForManagement Consulting (FMC) is an expert company in global business support, based in Paris and currently intervening in Africa, Asia and Europe. We serve any company, especially businesses in Africa, in search for customized solutions for increasing the performance of their collaborators while optimizing their internal costs.


ForManagement Consulting (FMC) is an accredited, French company, which has developed high-level expertise in Enterprise and Managers Global Support, in terms of Strategy, Project Management, Management Techniques and Operational Efficiency trainings.

Based in Paris with an African representation in Abidjan, FMC intervenes in companies from various sectors. Companies that are looking for tailor-made solutions and wish to efficiently increase their overall performance and that of their employees.

Our vocation is to help African SMEs increase their performance, by providing them with 360°, complete and innovative management solutions while being an establishment of excellence and reference in Africa.


Our services revolve around 4 main axes:

  • Definition or upgrade oh the company's  strategy followed by  the coaching, of the  executive Team/Management team accordingly


  • Customized professional trainings


  • Provision of Management Tools ( including recruitment tools)


  • Management of the changes that resulted from the strategic orientations

We offer practical and interactive training adapted to your problems

either face-to-face, or online:



Conduct And Succeed In Change Management : Master the Change Management. Tools

Methodology for redacting and upgrading Manuals and Procedures

The Fundamentals of Management Control 

Strategic Planning & Integrated Budget Management

Results-Based Management

INNOVATION : The Driver for Growth

Performance Evaluation

Business Strategy And Model

Sales Strategy And Customer Management

Control Credit-Lease And Factoring.